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Church Sponsorship Announcement

Editor’s Note: We had some questions about how to donate through Milton. We have created a giving page with directions on how you can donate.

We have exciting news. The Milton SDB Church has agreed to be our sponsor church! I want to start off by thanking Pastor Nate and the Milton Church for agreeing to sponsor us. Bethany and I know that God is doing great things here in Chicago and Milton will be an invaluable help as we seek to participate in what God is doing. Thank you Milton Church family!

When Bethany and I moved out here we talked a lot about what it would look like to work with churches. We quickly realized that there are many SDB churches that probably want to partner with us, but distance would make things like fellowship and accountability difficult. We are thankful for those churches that have already partnered with us through prayer and financial support. However, this sponsorship from Milton is a little different.

Our vision for the church God has called us to build is centered on the idea of a covenant community. We want to build a church where the members are not only accountable to each other, but also actively encourage and help each other. This is not something that can really be done at a distance. This requires time and proximity. So when we thought about the church that would be our primary contact we wanted the same things. This meant that Milton was the top of our list.

Having a church sponsor means that we now have a group who will work with us and hold us accountable to complete the tasks that God has called us to. Part of this accountability is Milton’s agreement to hold funding for us. There are a lot of reasons for this. One is that we do not yet have non-profit status as a 501(c)(3) and Milton does. But more importantly we want accountability when it comes to the donations that many of you are sending. We know that as a couple we might have blind spots. Ultimately this is God’s church and God’s money and it is better to rely on the larger body of Christ for wisdom in how it should be utilized.

When we talk about accountability we mean more than just financially. We can not plant this church by ourselves. We will need advice, mentorship, and encouragement. Though these can be had virtually, we feel that there is no substitute for face to face meetings and fellowship. Milton’s proximity (even with the two hour drive) makes that possible.

Milton’s sponsorship also comes with a commitment to and from the SDB General Conference in the form of a three-way covenant. The Conference will provide support and accountably to us and the Milton Church. In return we will provide updates to the conference on what God is doing through us. We are encouraged by this covenant because it is yet another way that God’s people are committing to help each other in growing God’s kingdom here in Chicago.

One final note. Pastor Nate has asked Bethany and I to come and share what God is doing in Chicago. We will be in Milton on October 29th for their Heritage Sabbath. They have asked Pastor Dave Stall, SDB Church Planting Coordinator, to preach that morning and lead a seminar on church planting later that day. If you desire, you can attend in person or join in online.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support! Please continue to be in prayer for the development of new relationships which lead to spiritual conversations.

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Picture of Pastor Phil

Pastor Phil

Philip Lawton received a Masters of Divinity from North Park Theological Seminary. He is an ordained minster in the Seventh Day Baptist Church. He is currently working on a church plant in Chicago.

3 thoughts on “Church Sponsorship Announcement

  1. Our God is an awesome God! Thank you, Lord, for what you are doing through and for Phil and Bethany. Thank you for providing this important part of their on-going ministry in Chicago. Continue to guide and direct these willing and faithful servants of yours. Amen!

    To God be all the glory!!

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